Yousei Teikoku, Japanese Gothic music

Stamped: April 5th, 2007 | Related Posts
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I discovered Yousei Teikoku thanks to the Mai Hime PS2 game soundtrack, “Last Moment” (2005) they participated in.
Yousei Teikoku are Fairy Yui (vocal) and Tachibana Takaha (keyboard).


Through music, Yousei Teikoku is attempting to revive the Fairy Empire that exists between the human world and the spiritual realm known as Spiritua. It works around the concept of “when humans remember the once-forgotten pure hearts that believe in fairies” (how twisted does that sound?).
“Gothic” and “empire” are keywords in their musical concepts and it transpires from their music.
All the “Last Moment” soundtrack is great. But I only picked 6 tracks for you to listen to.

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