Happy New YEAR 2011

Stamped: January 6th, 2011 | Related Posts
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This year started with lots of 1s. 01/01/11! How special. Hope our year will be special.

It didn’t start so well for me, and I breached all my resolutions right the first day, haha, but special situations triggered special reactions.

No Yuki, or very few Yuki this year 2010 for me. Actually I am not listening to music much, just like what our moms are, I actually became one. Boring, with other priorities than music.
Never thought it’d happen. But it did. Can’t stay young forever.

I am not even good with ramblings now.

So no blog entries either. I guess it s for your own good. Not that there are any audience there for my ramblings. More for the Jpop.

Cheers and happy new year again. May it rock!

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