I havent found my Shizuru

Stamped: September 13th, 2007 | Related Posts
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Some rambling of mine, if you’re bored, feel free to read, otherwise I warn you that it’s REAL RAMBLING this time:

The Shizuru pillow is out of stock… hmmm… So I guess I won’t have it for my bday…

I haven’t found my Hong Kongese Shizuru either… And my bf arrived in HK two days ago. That’s my sole consolation.
At least I’m not “single” anymore.

Anyway I’m too busy with my job, and it’s only the beginning…*sigh*

I still don’t have any furniture in my apartment, but my laptop has been fixed. So I’ll be able to listen to some Kajiura work.

My belongings will arrive in HK by boat mid october.

I’m catching up with the Claymore episodes I missed when I have the time, late at night.
The serie is probably already over.

I’m happy to have seen 1 second of Shizuru (but she was not at her advantage) in the last Mai Otome Zwei OAV.

The number of my Starbucks fangirls and fanboys is steady, I didn’t scare away any of them so far.

I did fire someone in my staff again. I’m the bossy bad boss.

I’m looking for new people.

The weather is nice in Hong Kong.

I do my furniture shopping at G.O.D, goods of desire www.god.com.hk, it’s opened till 23 every day.

I hate to ramble…

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