Mai Hime Destiny

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There is a second season of Mai Hime coming up in Manga novel version called Mai Hime Destiny (not to be mistaken with the Artbook of the same name), it’s published in Hobby Japan’s monthly magazine, Novel Japan.
I totally cross my fingers that it will come out in anime version (Mai-HiME Destiny: Ryuu no Fujo - Mai- HiME Destiny: Priestess of the Dragon-) and the icing on the cake would be that Yuki Kajiura would be fated to compose the soundtrack of it. (it is so good to be full of hope).

Here you can find some scanlation projects:


Anyway, I’m eager to see more Shizuru. In this manga novel, she is still the Seitokaichou of Fuuka Academy (she does not attend University as it was supposed to be at the end of Mai Hime…) and she’s now from Kansai and not Kyoto…and a new character appears on chapter 1: Kagura Mayo, the pigtails girl with the mysterious handcuffs (and large bust size -90-) who seems to have telekinesic powers. (Shizuru seems to be interested in her… Grrrr)


Shizuru trying, unsuccessfully, to break those uncanny handcuffs:

I’m eager to read about the Shizuru 28 legends mentioned in this first chapter.

On chapter 2 Nao, now with telekinesic powers, and Natsuki, with telepathic powers, make their appearance (but not much affective interactivity with Shizuru -sigh- and I wonder if there will ever be, since there seems to be some competition between the two of them -long sigh-.) But that’s how the Mai Hime / Mai Otome universes are, it’s never the same level of interaction between the characters, I just cross my fingers and wish that Shizuru and Natsuki won’t be too far apart.

mai hime destiny chapter 2

Another new character appears, Shion Tennouji (the girl with spectacles), she seems to know Mayo (as she kisses her on the lips).


Chapter 3 of Mai Hime Destiny with gorgeous Shizuru in black and with her new weapon, a Katana (the naginata was sexy as well)… WOW!


Chapter 4

Tomoe/ Shizuru cover. Tomoe (character from Mai Otome) makes her appearance along with Midori, who used to be a teacher in the Mai Hime unverse is now a student.

mai hime destiny chapter 4 cover

Just for the sake of fanservice, a bit of Shizuru and Natsuki with a little on (I don’t like the drawings of the two there…)

mai hime destiny bathing suits

Chapter 5

mai hime destiny chapter 5


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  • Hello my friend, your site is very good!

    Posted by qqetyirxgh # May 16th, 2007 ago
  • omg! x3 do you know where i can read/download it online???o.o

    Posted by ~bLaCkRoSe~ # May 16th, 2007 ago
  • its so very nice i love it!

    Posted by jr # May 16th, 2007 ago
  • Hopefully they make the anime version

    Posted by Babyangel98498 # May 16th, 2007 ago

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