Yuki Kajiura, Mai Hime, how I fell in love

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Back to square 1, I’m gonna tell you how I gradually fell for Master Kajiura.
It’s started not so long ago (end of last year), I happened to watch “Mai Otome” during a boring flight (it was Budapest-Paris I guess) and my memory has blanked out since then.
Before that flight, I hardly ever watched any anime in my life nor listened to any anime soundtrack (except for Lain… I did watch that anime and I did listen to its soundtrack…)

All I know is that I started to listen to Yuki Kajiura, who did the soundtrack of both “Mai Otome” and “Mai Hime” the following days. (Mai Otome being a kind of spin off of the “Mai Hime” anime).


I started with Mai Hime, OST 1 and 2. And later on I fell head over heels for the Mai Otome OST, and of course, later on, I had all the Kajiura collection.

What I love about Kajiura’s work is her extreme sensitivity and her ability to mix electric guitars with piano or even violins. It totally fits my style. I love both rock music and classical music.

I started with songs of “Mai Hime” OST 1 and finished with the second soundtrack…


1. Ensei: That song absolutely moved me. I already mentioned that song in my top five songs that made me cry. This time I put a different version with instruments. It is written in Kajiura’s imaginary language and sung by Japanese Opera singer Yuri Kasahara. That song is so pure. It stirs deep emotions within me, like though it could touch the very inside of my heart. Sometimes it’s even very painful for me to listen to it as my hearts clenches itself tightly.
It is probably that song that made me fall in love with her music. How can someone write something so beautiful and pure?

2. Mezame: Mezame has also been previously mentioned in that blog, it is a more techno version of “Ensei”. How did she managed to turn that song into such a rhythmic tune??? How did she come up with the idea? Anyway, it’s impressive and it’s one of my favorite track. The techno beats give this track such a strenght! It’s definitely awesome.

3. Duran Shoukan: Awesome, the blending of choirs with heavy electric guitars. Marvellous!! This is the song when Natsuki summons her child, Duran (For those who know the anime). I called my cyber dog (actually it’s an I cybie) Duran, after Natsuki’s child. (I know nobody gives a shit about it, but I don’t care, it’s my blog, I say whatever the F… pleases me).

4. Yami no Butou: Now this is Indian spirit style. I love how Yuki Kajiura is inspired by different styles and cultures.

5. Koi wo shita Kara: Last song of my selection from the first soundtrack. So I decided to pick a sad slow track. This track has a personal meaning to me. It reminds me of the “Mai Hime” Omake (Bonus) where the characters make some confessions about their feelings.


6. Nemuranai Yami no Shitou: OST 2, LET’S ROCK!!!!!! Jump! Jump! Ok ok, I have to calm down! Energic track. It rocks! Near the end, you have that nice guitar solo. I love it. Kajiura rocks!

7. Owari no Nai Crossroad: Just love it.

8. Shinkou ni Shimaru Yoru no Yume: Uncanny song. I love the arrangements, the guitars. Everything! Awesome. It really rocks your ass.

9. Shinwa no Hate ni ~HiME to Kokuyou no Kimi: One of the Mai Hime themes. I’m fond of the violins and the mix with the “Ensei” track. Awe-inspiring.

10. Kokuyou no Kimi~Amai Yuuwaku: Slow track. It’s one of the Mai Hime theme, I selected it for the guitars and the violins solos that take over one another so beautifully.

11. Taisetsu na Hito: Just like song number 5, it reminds me of the Mai Hime Omake. This is a heartbreaking song for me to hear.

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  • …pls continue this anime

    Posted by michael # May 4th, 2007 ago
  • How about It’s only fairy tale? And opening and ending theme? (Shining Days and Kimi ga Sora Datta)
    I love it!!!!!!
    And recommended to everyone!!!!

    Posted by Mumble2007 # May 4th, 2007 ago

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