Yuki Kajiura - Pandora Hearts OST 1

Stamped: March 18th, 2010 | Related Posts
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I haven’t wrote any reviews about our dear Master Kajiura for a while since the beautiful Kara no Kyoukai saga.
I really liked those OSTs that brought a bit of freshness in her compositions after being a full year OSTless between El Cazador de la Bruja and Kara no Kyoukai (well there was Achilles to Kame that came right before KnK).
Kara no Kyoukai had some really really uncanny dark parts and I felt that this Pandora Hearts picked up some from it.


I don’t like any of those joyful tracks with flutes that Kajiura uses from time to time to illustrate light worryless joyful moments.
And as you can guess I am more into the dark moments or the very electronic beats moments.
Jazzy notes are also a treat.

So here are my fave from this OST 1

1. Foretaste : This darkness I like so much. Very Kajiura-like, nothing new. I will say it a lot during my comments, so don’t be surprised, it’s a very Kajiuran OST.
But the best part is the end, after 4 mn…

2. Misgiving: Dark. Less Kajiura-like. Short but efficient.

3. Another dimension: This one is like an already-heard Kajiura track. Dark as well. With uncanny chants.

4. Bloody Rabbit: Electronic beats, typical Kajiura. Beautiful chants. Exactly what we fans like.

5. Possess: Jazzy saxo, devilish beats. Great. Already heard some similar work, but well, as long as it is good. And this one is.

6. Alone: This one reminds me of the Kara no Kyoukai tracks. It’s beautiful. So soothing the chants. Feels great.

7. Contractor: Another Kajiura-like work. But it’s great. With those high pitch chants. Very catchy, very freestyle I feel. Feels like a patchwork.

8. Daydream: Uncanny yet sweet reassuring melody to guide you through the darkness. A daydream indeed.

9. Preparation: Another very dark track, with Kajiura stamped chants. Beautiful track.

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