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Ali Project is a Japanese Gothic / Lolita-Gothic band consisting of Arika Takarano (vocals & lyrics) and Mikiya Katakura (music & arrangement).

They made their debut in the charts in 1988 as Ari (Ant) Project with their album “Fantastic Garden” but changed their name to “Ali Project” 4 years later in 1992 and made their major debut.

I will not focus on their albums, maybe in another post (if you like them, let me know), but on their participation on my favortie animes.

In addition to their 18 albums and compilations, Ali Project also participates in numerous OSTs, OPs and EDs and particularly in my favorite ones such as “Noir” “Maria Sama ga miteru” and “Mai Hime The Another”, the latter being a PS2 video game.

I will start the playlist with the OP of the “Mai Hime The Another” video game, “Ashura Hime”. I think that the “Ashura Hime” song is about Shizuru (Fujino), the two titles and lyrics of the songs totally fits with Shizuru’s passionate and destructive character.
The “Kimi ga tame, Oshi kara Zarishi Meisa he” song (on the “Ashura Hime” OP Single) that can be translated by “For you, I don’t regret my life” totally describes her feelings.
As you can see, I don’t miss any single occasion to mention my beloved Shizuru…

It’s totally weird that Ali Project did participate in the “Maria Sama ga miteru” OP single “Pastel Pure”, their gothic image totally doesn’t fit with the not-so-innocent Lillian Catholic girl’s school. But anyway it’s still beautiful. I love this OP.

Anyway, let’s begin with the playlist:

1. Kimi ga tame, Oshi kara Zarishi Meisa he: track 2 of the “Ashura Hime” OP single. “For you, I don’t regret my life”. Can it be more romantic than Shizuru’s “Katakoi Enka“? anyway it definitely fits with her destructive passion and certitude.
Very gothic mystic song, I love the arrangements. Very dark, very obssessive in the rhythms, just like Shizuru can be.

2. Ashura Hime: “Ashura Princess”, that’s Shizuru, the destructive princess. This is the OP of the PS2 “Mai Hime The Another” video game. This song also features in the “Mai Hime best collection” album in addition to the single.

3. Copperia no Hitsugi: “CoppĂ©lia’s coffin”, the is the OP song of the “Noir” anime. I didn’t like it from the first hearing, but by keeping on hearing during the 26 “Noir” episodes, you kind of grow to like it.

4. Aka to Kuro: from the Noir sur Blanc OST, same style than “Ashura Hime”. Very addictive isn’t it? You feel like the songs will never come to an end.

5. Pastel Pure: Back to some calm and relaxing melody. This is the “Maria Sama ga miteru” OP theme. Except that the actual OP of the anime is an instrumental version. This is the vocal version, and it’s totally beautiful, it perfectly convey’s the quiet, innocent, composed atmosphere of the anime. “The Virgin Mary is watching you”, that’s the title of the anime in English, so nothing really goth…

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