Yuki Kajiura, video interview

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I was watching the third OAV of the Mai Otome Zwei saga (for those who are interested, the first minutes of that OAV 3 (after the intro) are 100% fanservice, which means useless bikinis and topless situations that will definitely cause some nosebleed) waiting for the moment Shizuru would be finally saved, which didn’t happen at all ( I think that out of the 4 OAVs, only 2 will have some alive Shizuru in it - sigh-) so, being very frustrated (you never know what a frustrated girl is capable of doing) I started to browse around some Mai Otome related videos.

mai otome zwei oav 3

mai otome zwei screenshots oav 3

Of course, I was lucky enough that day to come across a recent (I think, I’m not sure since it only mentioned old songs) Yuki Kajiura interview in Japanese.


It’s a nice documentary about our goddess Kajiura, with nice interviews, some shots of her place and her studio, how she works, the people she works with, concerts (anime expo) and biography.


It’s all in Japanese, so don’t ask me to precisely tell you what she says.

What cute funny facts about Yuki Kajiura that caught my attention and that I would have never guessed is:

1. She seems to live a bit away from Tokyo but I’m not sure.

2. She takes the subway

3. She smokes !!!

4. She has a cute dog.

Anyway, here is the interview in two parts. It’s awfully long to download, even though I got rid of the commercials, as it is a 25 minute documentary. But it’s so rare that I had to put the whole thing online! For the fan’s sake.

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  • Lovely. I’m a big fan of Mrs. Kajiuna now. Thank you for taking the time to post these!

    Posted by Andie # May 28th, 2007 ago

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