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It’s not a secret that there are more and more bachelors out there. And the Internet helps those poor lonely souls meet their soulmate.
Online dating has undergone a gigantic boom this past decade, allowing people to put their photos online as well as their best profile in order to meet their ideal mate in this humengous database. Emails, instant messaging, videos, all this interactivity assists the most timid of us in its search of the perfect match.

All of us knows a couple who as met thanks to the Internet!

But are online dating websites perfect matchmakers? Well, I don’t know how I ended up registering in that website, but I did…
I just answered questions regarding a “sexuality test”… To later find out I was 17% straight, 40% homosexual and 3% asexual (How weird is that…?…) and in a twinkling of the eye, in order to get my so-called results, I got registered in this free online dating website.

Since I was at the edge of boredom, I decided to play the game and edit my profile because OKCUPID seemed to me different from a regular online dating website.
Why is that? It’s simply because throughout a battery of questions you have to answer, the OKCUPID website calculates the percentage of love/friendship match for you. And it proposes you, entirely for free, a list of matches.


You can also compare yourself with your match. This may look like a math test, but for those who can interprete it, (I don’t), it can’t turn out pretty interesting.


And finally, the other originality is the tons of tests you can choose from (Politics, sexuality, personnality…) and people actually can have access to your score. It can be pretty useful to figure out someone.

So far I have answered a little bit more than a hundred questions to have a more accurate chance to meet a perfect matching soulmate.
But I found out that the more I answered, the more the perfect match was slipping out from my screen hands!
Well, at the beginning I had people having a 76% match with me… but then, the more advanced I got, the lower that percentage went.
Now the best match is now 60% or so! And it is a 18 year old girl leaving in the opposite continent!
I can’t help but laugh at this.
It doesn’t really surprise me. I’m quite difficult and I doubt I will find someone who would match my peculiar exotic requirements. I am quite demanding in that matter.
But anyway, I will not lose my faith, one day maybe, I will receive a mail with a 80% or maybe 90% match who knows?
Maybe that person will be a Madonna or a Shizuru Fujino-like type of person that will win over my little stone heart?
But so far, my heart is fulfilled and all I am curious about is to know if in this world, there is another person that can surpass what I have now.

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