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My princess Shizuru. I love both Shizurus. The Fujino one in “Mai Hime”, and the Viola one in “Mai Otome”.
You probably don’t know what the hell I am talking about, and only the Shizuru fans or the Shiznat fans will know.
But anyway, that’s not the point of today’s post.

(With that picture in front of me, I have some problems focusing on my post)

Today, we’ll focus on our my favorite Kyoto-ben girl, the Fujino one, with her character song “Katakoi Enka”.
She beautifully conveys her feelings in that song for her precious person. And I can totally relate to that song, on how love can turn a totally reasonable person into a freak. I think most of us have been through it.
The Enka traditional Japanese music totally fits with Shizuru’s penchant for traditions.

It’s from the Mai Hime Character songs Vol. 2:


The song is sung by Shizuru’s Seiyuu (dubbing voice) Naomi Shindou.


Naomi Shindou is the character voice for the two Shizurus, here we can see a nice doujinshi (unofficial manga/novel made by amateurs) of the two Shizurus with their kyoto-ben Seiyuu:


I chosed the photo below from a Doujinshi to illustrate Shizuru in that post, it perfectly fits the topic since gorgeous Shizuru is in her beautiful yukata, holding a mic and ready to sing (gives me goose bumps…):


Here is the “Katakoi Enka” song, you will find the lyrics below, along with the translation (I didn’t make the translation).
I warn you, the song is very special, it’s Enka style…

Lyrics translation source from here

And monologues thanks to Amaya.

Katakoi Enka

It was like a spring dream
The cherry blossoms were falling, as I was falling in love
A kind love, an eternal love, a passionate love that threw me in a worrying state of mental darkness

Nureta kami ni sotto
kuchibiru yosete me wo tojite
Namida gundara akan?

I gently lay my lips on
your moist hair and close my eyes
May I not wallow in my sorrow?

Mune wo kogashite oikaketa
Ayakashi mitai ni oikaketa
Itsuka issho ni shinitai wa. Ara,
Yume ni ayatsurare mau koi no hana

I chase you as my heart is set aflame
I chase you as if I were a demon
One day, together we shall go into death. Ah,
The flower of love dances, manipulated by a dream

Kaze ga fuita dake de
Chiriyuku sadame nara
Dakiatta sono hi ni moeteshimaitai
Soshite beni no iro ga asete yuku you ni
Itoshii hito no naka hai ni naritai no

If we were to be set apart
by the mere blowing of the wind
I would set the day that we embraced in flames
And turning into ashes of fading crimson,
I long to disintegrate inside my love

Omoikirenai wabishisa to
Tsutae sobireta wabishisa to
Uchi ga shindara naki haru no? Ara,
Kikeba karesou na katakoi sakura

The wretchedness of persistent thoughts and
The wretchedness of their suppression
Will you weep for me if I die? Ara,
The sakura of unrequited love seemingly withers upon hearing it

Hoshi ga ‘rin’ to nareba
Yomichi wo terasu kara
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Once the stars cry out
They will illuminate the night
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

This is an old love song which seems to be speaking of me,
since it likes the summer fire and the insects that fly in the flames
And in the same way I want my body to die in the flame of my feelings for you

Kaze ga fuita dake de
Chiriyuku sadame demo
Omoi ha tomaranai moete moetsukite
Kondo koso nigasanai
Kono mi ga kietemo nigasanai

Even if the mere blowing of the wind
Were to set us apart
Irripressible love burns everything into entirety
This time you will not escape
Even if this body were to perish, I will not let you go

Omokage ni youhodo Koyoi midaremasu…
Intoxicated by your countenance, I descend into chaos tonight…

Of Which color is love?
The color of the moon which is reflected on the autumn sea?
The color of pure white snow which decorates our heart?
The color of the cherry flowers which falls in memory of a girl?

Then I will plunge everything in your color.
I love you more than anything else.
Even if the whole world were to become my enemy,
Yes even if it were to treat me of a devil or godess (possibly meant as devil godess)

Here is an official “Shizuru” character design… It’s less sexy though


12 Responses to Shizuru…


  • Ah.. I come here for the lyrics every so often now, haha.

    =^= Shizuru’s voice is so.. so lovely.

    Posted by SakuraNek0 # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Ah, but Shizuru’s always sexy, regardless of whether she’s drawn in the official design or in a doujinshi. :D

    Posted by Tippo (the Hippo) # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Shizuru RULES!!!!!!

    Posted by Lucie, the egocentric # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Eh?
    Ithink you’re missing a line at the bottom…
    Ater the “yes, even if it were to treat me as a devil or a goddess”, shouldn’t there be an “i will always protect you” or something like that?
    I’m not sure. Another site with the English lyrics had that…

    Posted by Tippo The Hippo # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Love the song; though what does ‘Katakoi’ mean? Unrequited love?

    Posted by Manori # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Finally ,i got this translation. Thanx A lot. I love this song.

    Posted by Himeya # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • Hehe, really late comment but: in that doujinshi picture, yukata’s sash says something like Natsuki is my life or something? hehe. I thought that was funny when I noticed it.

    Posted by Jason # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • sugoi sugoi nee! kakoi!

    Posted by SHIZURU FUJINO VIOLA # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • I was moved by the song!

    Shizuru feeling is burning my heart …

    I watched Mai-hime few days ago and was captivated by this girl.

    Thank you for this post!

    Posted by Nan # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • bellissimo anime
    bellissima canzone
    bellissima la coppia ShizNat
    ci sarebbero molte parole per descrivere il tutto ma niente è paragonabile ai sentimenti, alle sensazioni che la visione dell’anime e il successivo ascolto di katakoi enka riescono a far provare..è indescrivibile..almeno per me..che l’ho trovata un’esperienza meravigliosa di cui ero tanto alla ricerca. è un masterpiece del genere yuri (seppur sia in realtà shonen) ed è sicuramente da vedere una volta (o anche due o tre..nonstante sia molto “triste” :)) nella vita.

    sorry…for writing in Italian ^^’

    Posted by kaya # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • pwede po bang ulitin yung my hime,otome,zwei,sirf,destiny pls.
    sa tv5 kasi adick ako sa anime pls.
    pls. pls.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Posted by ejan # May 6th, 2007 ago
  • maganda talaga c shizuru and natsuki

    ShIzNAt LoVErS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by ejan # May 6th, 2007 ago

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