Chicks with guns

Stamped: April 14th, 2007 | Related Posts
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It seems like I have a certain fascination for women with guns (and Yuki Kajiura). Most of the anime I watch have armed-to-the-teeth protagonists (and Yuki Kajiura soundtracks).
Those characters look so confident and powerful, it is like they make one with their weapon. It’s like their weapons is a natural extension of their limbs. And not to forget that in spite of those manly weaponry, they don’t lose any of their womanhood (it’s the feminist in me who speaks), they still look gorgeous and sexy.
It is not their weapon that make them powerful, it is how they use it in an intelligent way that make them strong.

In a chronological order, here are my favorite characters:

From the “Noir” anime, professional hitmans, Mireille Bouquet and Kirika (soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura):


Madlax, hitman and bodyguard from the anime of the same name (soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura):


Jo, from “Bakuretsu Tenshi” (Well there is some Kajiura, but in the OP Single “Loosey”):


Student with superpower Natsuki Kuga, from “Mai Hime” (soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura):


Re-l Meyer from “Ergo Proxy”:


Lucia from “Venus versus Virus”:


And the last one, Nadie from “El Cazador de la Bruja” that has just started this April (soundtrack by Yuki Kajiura):


3 Responses to Chicks with guns


  • i love these pics. especially the first one with merielle and kirika coz if ya wanna kno the truth its my fav anime show. ive been watching the shows for years now and i could watch em all over again and never get sick of it! lol

    Posted by Kal # April 14th, 2007 ago
  • Yay someone else who is……. turned on, by gunner chicks.
    WE ROCK. My favoutire is Madlax gunner. Kinda large in gun and bust huh? ^^

    Posted by Gunslinger # April 14th, 2007 ago
  • Hmm, go Madlax, hmmm guns+chicks=*ding*

    I likeall the images BTW. My favourite series there in El Cazador De La Bruja. And from that i take me leave

    Posted by Drake Gunslinger # April 14th, 2007 ago

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